Sunday, November 3, 2019

Murder Playlist by Kyle L. Balmer is Published

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It's Here! Coskrey Biz has published the techno thriller Murder Playlist by Kyle L. Balmer. It is available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook. Read it now for free as a Kindle Unlimited book if you are a subscriber.

To the rock music in his earbuds, Brandon makes the move from peeping Tom to home invader and wannabe serial killer. When one of his victims wants him to help her kill her stepfather, a team of killers is born. Will the Las Vegas police be able to stop them?

When I read the book, I immediately thought of Stephen King. Then I thought of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now I am reminded of Edgar Allen Poe. This novella might be short, but it is definitely a psychological horror story. I had nightmares while editing it.

If you are a fan of horror stories and/or crime fiction, you will love this book.

Kyle Balmer plays with voice, tone, and point of view. The narration reflects the way Millenials speak among themselves and write on social media.  The devices through which they communicate and see the world become part of the story. The style of narration and formatting is dubbed Millenial Speak.

Read it and let me know what you think. Better yet, comment on Amazon. (Any issues with formatting are purely on me, so be critical  in the comment section below.)