Saturday, February 23, 2019

New Books to be Published Soon

Editing is Expanding into Publishing

 Once Standing Tall and Looking Good  was published by Coskrey Biz, Fred Zuker realized he needed a hard copy edition for some of his readers that did not enjoy ebooks. So Coskrey Biz is busy working on a paperback version to be published using the services of  KDP and sold on Amazon.

Other books are in the works. The Dark Angel Turned Away is a memoir by Fred Zuker and his father Ray Zuker. It tells the story of Ray Zuker's days in the Army Air Corps during World War II. This book is within weeks of publication. 

We are also planning a YA version of Standing Tall and Looking Good as the one published is a bit salty, but a wonderful read for those YA readers who are curious about military life. Again, this books is within weeks of publication. 

Visit the Authors and Books blog for information on Fred and other authors associated with Coskrey Biz.

Coskrey Biz is working with other authors, and invite new authors to contact us.  

Coskrey Biz edits all types of texts and will publish books using Amazon's KDP services. We can publish to the author's account so the author has full control of all royalties.  Price Lists are available.

And yes, I am an affilliate advertiser, including for Amazon. See the Disclosure/Privacy notice linked at the top of the page.