Monday, September 8, 2014

Coskrey Biz Business -- 9/8/14

Websites in the Making

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Visit the website.
This week saw the completion of the website for a local business, English Garden Florist & Boutique, which is in Brazoria, TX. Check it out and shop this local business for gifts and flowers!

I am consulting with Vic Penuel of Jeter's Old World Antiques & Gifts in Angleton, TX, on the website he is building and posting for free to a closed Facebook group of local antique dealers and vintage resale merchants. Vic's goal is to bring more business into our area south of Houston. The website will feature all local antique and vintage resale merchants in the group. Flyers for the merchants are planned that will feature member merchants, too.

The site should be posted by 9/30/14.  Local merchants of antiques and vintage resale should email Vic and ask to be included in the Facebook group. Those who join after the webpage due date can be added to the website after its launch.

For beach goers, there is plenty to see, do, and buy on your way down Hwy's 6, 288, 35 and neighboring roads south. The website's focus is on Brazoria County, which ends with Surfside, Bryan and Quintana beaches. Let Antiquing be a part of your activity list. Plan to visit the website for information on where to shop or browse and visit.

Sketch of website design for sale at Coskrey Biz
I designed a webpage based on 6-7 images I found in Fotolia and just had to use. So far the design is simply a jpeg layout. I wrote text reflective of someone who upcycles and repurposes vintage and resale items. The original text uses plenty of "magically transforms" and other flowery phrases, but's a rough draft. If interested, let me know. I will develop the template for a website if purchased. For more details, visit Coskrey Biz.

I also managed to get a few pages about teaching with science fiction added to the Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas website that I am rewriting.

Posting in Blogs 

Have you visited the Discovery Garden pages yet? Sam, my partner in these pages, has started a blog, Friends of the West Columbia Discovery Garden. We invite your participation.

Today in Valerie's Soapbox, I posted a teachable moment essay about reading with young children. Here I described an experience with a first grade girl I tutor as she read No. David! to me.

I wrote another poem that I am debating posting in my blog Valerie's Soapbox. Might do that this week. It is called Homage to Bt-corn. Look for information about it in the next memo.

On 9/1/14 I posted an article about cooking with crock pots in Talking about This and That.

Tutoring Continues

Know anyone near Sweeny, TX, who needs a tutor or homeschool academic coach? Visit Coskrey Biz for information. I still have a couple of open time spans.

That's all for now. 'Til next time. ~Valerie

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