Thursday, August 21, 2014

Coskrey Biz Business -- 8/21/75


 News from the NetworkShrub Members and Me

What a busy time these past few weeks have been.

Mertie's This and That
Mertie and I are busy networking with local antique dealers. Vic Penuel is coordinating the efforts. More on this later.

Meanwhile, Mertie has "new" items in her inventory. Check out the July and August postings I wrote for her blog and use its links to visit her Facebook page. It is like visiting the store--almost.

English Garden
Florist & Boutique

button in the
Links to website.
I have been blogging and developing webpages. Good thing, too, because my tutoring students have all taken summer breaks, although my network of tutor friends is growing.

The creative here is the Button for the English Garden Florist & Boutique in Brazoria, TX. This website should be completed by the middle of next week. It currently has 2 pages of the 4 loaded.

With school starting, my schedule is again undergoing drastic change. I still read a bit, do computer work at night, and manage to keep up with friends sporadically.

Gifts & Gadgets
The Gifts & Gadgets website is up and functioning. Cindy has a new student worker who will be taking over the blog, if she decides to continue it.  My best to her and my thanks for allowing me to assist her in adding to her online presence. I went shopping there last week. She has a new inventory of clothing in fall colors and plenty of scarves by Sarah's Smiles Shop.

Firebush at West Columbia Discovery Garden, TX,8/21/14
Photo ©Sam Stamport

Volunteering with the Discovery Garden

Sam Stamport and I, with the help of City Manager Debra Sutherland, completed the pages on the West Columbia city website for the Discovery Garden. I wrote 2 poems for it, which I put in Valerie's Soapbox, and Sam has now started a blog for the West Columbia Discovery Garden. I volunteered to do an online pamphlet for West Columbia. I will keep you posted.

 Taking care of Business--My own Websites

I am slowly adding pages to my own websites Coskrey Biz and Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas. The latest set of pages added to VCCTI deal with using science fiction in the classroom.

Speaking of science fiction and the young reader, I have reactivated the RFF Reflections blog.

'Til next time. ~Valerie

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