Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Coskrey Biz Business, June4, 2014

School is Out; Tutoring Schedule is Changing

With the end of the school year, the current tutoring schedule is changing. Some students are leaving, some changing hours to be more convenient to summer activities. Anyone wanting a tutor should email me, valerie @coskrey-biz. com, (Close the spaces in the eddress, please.) with a phone number, and I will call you back. Go to the website, Coskrey Biz, for more information about tutoring subjects. 

Discovery/Butterfly Garden
Section of the Discovery/Butterfly Garden in West Columbia, TX

I am helping Sam Stamport with the new garden alongside the walking/bicycling trail in the First Capitol Park in West Columbia, TX. Sam obtained a grant for this pocket butterfly garden from TNMP. The city had the garden planted by Wells Florist Nursery and Landscape Co. Volunteers will help maintain it.

The garden displays drought-resistant, native-coastal-Texas plants with a broad range of blooming times. Teachers and families are encouraged to tour the garden. Information about the garden can be found on the city website at

Coskrey Biz is assisting in developing the web pages and some curricular activities for school and family use.

Volunteers Needed

Upkeep of the garden is an ongoing activity, as is development of curricular activities for schools and families. If you would like to help, contact me (as above, valerie @ coskrey-biz. com)or visit the park website and look for a sign up link.

Coskrey Biz at Mertie's This and That

At Mertie's This and That;
A Beach on the Texas Coast

I am still writing the blog, Talking About This and That and have posted 1st and 3rd Monday entries. Be sure to visit the blog.

New items have been added to the Mertie's This and That resale shop, replacing those that have sold. Currently, there are dresses suitable for mothers of the bride and others who will be attending weddings this summer. There are new nick-knacks and fragrances by Nina's market. Check it out.  Hours and location are listed on the blog.

Other News

I am still updating the website Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas, a forever-ongoing project.

The word-processing aspect of Coskrey Biz services is picking up with new orders and expressions of customer satisfaction.

That's all the news for now. Hope you enjoy the pleasant June days to come. Although July is sure to be fine, it will be HOT. Thank goodness West Columbia is nearby and has a swimming pool. Also, double thank goodness Quintana Beach in Freeport, TX is close to Sweeny. Love the beach on hot summer days!

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