Sunday, June 29, 2014

Coskrey Biz Business 6/29/14

Welcome Gifts & Gadgets 

Gifts & Gadgets Gifts & Gadgets has joined the NetworkShrub of Coskrey Biz. The blog is up and looking good.  Look for a minumum of 2 postings each month. The website will be up shortly, as will the button. There is a link to the Gifts & Gadget Facebook page on the blog.

Gifts & Gadgets, owned by Cindy Heard, is located in Sweeny, TX, in the Stewart's Shopping Center. Store hours are 10:00 AM  -- 6:00 PM, Tuesday-Saturday. Come and shop or just visit.

Mertie's This and That

Mertie's This and That is running a sale on women's clothing. She has some beautiful dresses in the sales rack. Visit the  Mertie's This and That Facebook page. Don't forget the blog Talking about This and That, with new postings on 1st and 3rd Mondays each month. There is a link to Mertie's website there.

Library Activity

I helped with a science crafts workshop for children at the local library in Sweeny, TX. The children made a half dozen projects each and were joyful for the entire hour. Guess that is a measure of success.

The Discovery Garden

Over a dozen webpages are awaiting approval and adjustment by the IT guys. Soon they should be posted on the West Columbia, TX, website.

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