Sunday, January 19, 2014

Coskrey Biz Bizness 1/19/14

Keeping Busy at Coskrey Biz

Computer Classes and Web Pages

I am teaching computer classes at the local library at 2:30 on Tuesday afternoons. About 9 students are taking the classes, so far. Lessons from past classes are posted on Coskrey Biz. Just follow the links from the library page.

Information for the Computer Class

This week's class will focus on using the file management system
Explorer to locate, open, save and organize files. Portable drives for transporting information will be discussed. To have files to play with, we will put an image in a word file and manipulate it. Then we will save it to a thumb drive and locate it; save it to documents and locate it there, etc. 
All students bringing their own laptops should come a few minutes early to get their internet log-on information from the librarians. Others should get their computer slips from me and be ready to use Word when we start class.

Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas

I am in the process of updating my first website, nicknamed VCCTI or vforteachers. It should be up and running again soon. Let me know what you think of the new home page. It is up, solo, but up.

I am adding a series called Reading Kits.

My Apologies

For a while there the websites were a bit messed up. The problem was in the directory. My bad. I have fixed the problem now and the webpages are once more correctly accessible. For anyone who was exploring, 2 index pages got switched.

A Network of Shops

Besides webpages and blog management, I offer shop networks. Resale Shops near Brazoria to see the concept in action. Currently, I am building this network. The active member is Merties This and That.

A group of shops share an entry page linking to the webpages of each shop. It is an inexpensive way for a small business to get a webpage, share the expense of advertising locally, and build a network of like-minded business people. A ListLocal account is available for each network entry page.

Tutoring News

All students took a break over the Christmas holidays. Many took off the first week back to school since teachers started few new concepts that week. This gave me a mini-vacation that I enjoyed. I am glad to be seeing them again now. Currently, I have only a few slots open for new students.

About Wayne

Wayne is ready to process photos now. He has become quite expert at digital photo restoration.
He is still designing his webpages, but can be contacted at wayne @ (close up the spaces, please. Spammer-prevention, you know.)

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