Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Coskrey Biz Bizness 11/5/13

What's New? Lots!

New Webpages

New webpages are posted.

Fluffy Cat ©2012
Read more below.

New Services

Photo albums are now available. I have added ZenPhoto to the Coskrey Biz website.

  • Get your catalog of products posted with your webpage--or just get a photo album.
  • I will be adding my templates for presentations (PowerPoint, etc.) to my photo album. It may take a few days/weeks, but it will soon be an example for you to consider.

Wayne is ready to take orders for digital photo restoration. Contact wayne@coskrey-biz.com.

Just Catching Up

Yes, I am still tutoring.

My new business cards will be here next week.

Don"t forget to read Mertie's blog Talking About This and That. The last posting was just before Halloween and the next one comes out next week.

The Dirt Poor Book blog has been reactivated for book reviews. Have you a book review to post there? Send it to me, along with some info to post about yourself as the reviewer. I will add the Amazon link to the book, if available. As a network, we can grow this additional outlet for our ideas, works and opinions.

Did you see the blog post this past week on Valerie's Soapbox that featured 2 local artists? Love their work. But they are both sooooooo different!

About Fluffy Cat

Begun as a painting by Wendy Sterling, Fluffy Cat had been rendered as a graphic image by me. Then Wayne (see above) got hold of it and made a few artistic adjustments on the lighting and color balance to the image I had processed from a photo. Voila, a clip art that I am so proud of. Thanks to Wendy and the other artists that have provided the original paintings and stained glass that I have photographed and turned into graphics for websites and template designs.

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