Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coskrey Biz Bizness 10/15/13

Notes from Val

Ok, so the title is lame. I might be a step up from CB Bizness or Coskrey Biz Bizyness. Newsletter sounds so bland. Should I call it Leaves Falling from the NetworkShrub? Fruit of the Shrub? Falling Leaves? Branches of the Shrub? Any suggestions? Maybe those names should be column names. OK. Let's get this newsletter set up so it can be read...

Talking about This and That

In the last postings of Talking about This and That, I talked about re-purposing furniture. Also, I interviewed a local artisan, Donn Correll of Texas Attitudes, CR 316, Brazoria, TX, who refinishes furniture--so be sure to scroll all the way down to the last half of the post. I plan to write more about Mertie and Donn on Valerie's Soapbox. I will let you know when you can read it there.

At Coskrey Biz

The website for Coskrey Biz is up. There are still some pages not posted, so do not be alarmed if you get to an error page on a few of the links. Also, Wayne has still to put his pages up. You will just have to contact him through me. The services he will be offering are graphic arts, photo processing, art, photography and more. He used to fix computers, so if any of you in our network need advice, call.

For those of you considering a Button for the NetworkShrub℠, take a look at the home page and the NetworkShrub℠ Directory. For a description of how it works, read about it on Websites and Blogs. Remember that information displayed will be only what you ask me to display. Also, your Button will link to whatever page online or email that you want it to.
Wayne is busily restoring old photos as digital images with Adobe Cloud software and a Wacom tablet. He is now ready for orders. If you have old photos that you want stored on CD, if you want them touched-up or restored, call for Wayne, the other half of Coskrey Biz.
I am placing some items for sale at Mertie's This and That on FM 521 just southwest of Brazoria, TX. Next time you shop at Mertie's This and That, take a look at my section. I will be up and running by the end of this week. Mertie's items are so attractive, you just know she sets the bar for fine thrift shops in the area. I hope to learn lots from her while we "partner-up" in her store. She has graciously allowed me add a few comments about my stuff in her blog. Look for next week's posting to mention the types of stuff in Coskrey Corner.

Branches of the NetworkShrub℠

Jessie is the newest member of the network. She is an artist and a photographer. She has a sign company in Sweeny, TX, called Total Graphics.

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