Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog Memos as Newsletters

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It seems a bit redundant to send out emails to subscribers when rss feeds from a blog will work just as well. Or do we send emails to remind people to read blogs?  Are you subscribed to this blog?

Anyway, I plan to re-purpose this blog to include newsletter info for my new business activities. My business and its new website are called Coskrey Biz. I plan to continue freelance activities under this name.

If you want an email, use the "Follow by email" form at the bottom of this page, send info in the comment, visit Valerie Coskrey on Facebook and send a message, or send me an email.  I also have a google+ page.  Eventually I will determine who wants what and shape the newsletter plans accordingly.  If the newsletter idea doesn't fly, then I will make other plans for this blog.

Let me know if you like/don't like this idea.

At any rate, the original purpose for the blog is still viable, I have just been inactive for a bit.

By the way, we decided to change our business name when we moved to TX just over a year ago.  Since the site Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas is being updated and will continue on, and since freelance work I do includes tutoring, the news in the memos will still apply to educational ideas.

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