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Suggested Readings for K-12 From the Golden Duck Reading List

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Last month,I posted a book list at a local library in TX while visiting my parents, Smithville Public Library. The book list was based on the Reading List provided by DucKon the sponsors of the Golden Duck Awards and the Hal Clement Awards. I did this as an Reading for the Future volunteer.

The Golden Duck Awards and the Hal Clement Awards are given annually for quality science fiction written for youth.

I share the book list with you as it was submitted to the Smithville, TX, library -- minus the formatting and the RFF illustration.

(When the actual award-winning book is not in this library--but other books by the author are-- then either the author or the author with another book is listed in parenthesis.)

The Golden Duck Awards, one per age group and a few other categories, are given annually to science fiction and speculative books for children. The Golden Duck Awards team recommend these. ( http://www.goldenduck.org )
For Grades preK - 6
For YA: Grades 6-10
(Dinotopia: Land Apart by J.Gurney)
Twenty-One Balloons by W. Du Bois
(My Brother, Ant by B. Byars)
Citizen of the Galaxy by. R. Heinlein
(Rasco and the Rats of NIMH by J. Conly)
Farmer in the Sky by R. Heinlein
My Teacher is an Alien by B. Corville
The Star Beast by R. Heinlein
Aliens Ate my Homework by B. Corville
Time for Stars by R. Heinlein
Aliens Don't Wear Braces by D. Dadey & M. Jones
Invitation to the Game by M. Hughes
The Girl with Silver Eyes by W. Roberts
Wrinkle in Time by M. L'Engle
Me, Two by M. Ryan
Wind in the Door by M. L'Engle
(Peter David) (Stephen Kroll)
Swiftly Tilting Planet by M. L'Engle
(Pamela Service) (Mark Teague)
Ring of Endless Light by M. L'Engle

Drangonsinger by A. McCaffrey
More on next page, including
Drangonsong by A. McCaffrey
A list of Golden Duck Award Winners in this library
Drangondrums by A. McCaffrey
Adult Titles to be enjoyed by Young Adults
More Gr 6-10 (B. Bova) (A. Clarke) (A. Sloate)
The Handmaid's Tale by .M. Atwood
Golden Duck Award Winners
Nightfall & other stories by I. Asimov
The Hunger Games by S. Collins
The Invisible Man by H. Wells
Baby Brains and RoboMom by S. James
The Time Machine by H. Wells
Found by M. Haddix
The War of the Worlds by H. Wells
Genius Squad by C. Jinks

Here's just a few from J. Gunn, author & teacher from New York and others (ref. Web site below)

Gravity buster: Journal #2 of a Cardboard Genius by F. Asch
Basic Science Fiction Library http://www2.ku.edu/~sfcenter/sflib.htm
George's Secret Key to the Universe by L. Hawkings & S. Hawkings
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Quantum Prophecy: the Awakening by M. Carroll
(Glory Season by D. Brin)
(Harry Turtledove)
(Darkover Series by M. Bradley)
Shape Changer by B. Brittain
Ender's Game by O. Card
Taking awards for young adult science fiction:
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and The Policemen's Union by M. Chabon
From the Hal Clement Award for Young Adult Winners List
Rendezvous with Rama by A. Clarke
Baloney by J. Scieszka
American Gods by N. Gaiman
Time Flies by E. Rohmann
Dune by F. Herbert
Feed by M. Anderson
The Left Hand of Darkness by U. Le Guin
Invitation to the Game by M. Hughes

Valerie says, “As an RFF, Inc. volunteer, it is my mission to foster a love of reading among our youth through quality speculative fiction.”

“Suggested books have been either published especially for youth or have been read and/or recommended by teachers, librarians, parents, and professors as age appropriate for grades K-12 and college freshmen. There are hundreds more that are fantastic, but these plus just a few more are in this library. Ask me about my favorites!” says Valerie.

This list is provided by an RFF, Inc. volunteer and is not an official action of the RFF, Inc. Board of Directors
For more information, contact valeriecoskrey@gmail.com

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