Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am back.

Ah, but where have I been?

Life got in the way. I started a new network, a new blog, had another grandbaby, raised a puppy, and generally got behind on blogging. Oh, and my daughter returned from Iraq.

I am upgrading the websites and have added merchants and pages and better styling.
Check out the new list of articles.

The calender is a bygone thing: totally neglected these days. I'll keep the links up and maybe get back to it next year.

I decided to open a Ning network to go with my website I also decided to turn the blog from MyPage there into a newsletter for the website. Ditto the forum. All as part of a NetworkShrub network project. (Never heard of a NetworkShrub? Check out the info at Multifacet Services network on

If you read the Tweets, you will see that Tweeter has been largely ignored, too.

Well, back to work. Got more pages to develop.

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