Saturday, October 4, 2008

Science on TV: a Counterpoint to the Anti-science Movement

Kudos to the Science Channel, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel and the Animal Channel for their wonderful shows designed to explain science and technology to the general public. They are using modern advertising techniques to interest viewers in the topics, and modern educational and showmanship practices in informing the public during the programs.

Bottom line is the programs are fun to watch and chock full of information.

Some of my favorite themes are these:

>> I smile every time I hear and/or view the "missing link" commercial for the science channel website.
>> I have long believed that science fiction would assist the general public in understanding science and technology knowledge and issues.
>> Who would have believed that Meerkat Manor would have become such a hit soap opera?!

I hope that these programs will continue in production. Many can be viewed on DVD:

Shop at the Discovery Channel Store.


Netflix, Inc.

Visit the websites for schedules and some online videos.

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