Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Series of Articles

What grows as fast as kudzu or spreads like ivy? Memes.

I started a new set of essays on memes and resources on my website vforteachers.com. Below are quotes from the first few articles in the series.

From the first article.

"We live our lives according to a script based in the lives of our parents," claimed 20th century psychologists. Breaking free of our parental script...

What results is a set of concepts that describes the world to me and that allows me to understand cause and effect and human interactions as well as any other typical citizen of my culture.

The concepts that influence my thinking have names; they can be verbalized. They are the memes...
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From the 2nd Article.

The American Heritage Dictionary, New College Edition, of 1980 does not have an entry for meme.

Today a Google search for meme brings up a count of 269 million sites in the search results.

Remember the Lycos internet search website commercials with the dog that fetched the information? With a few graphics and catch phrases, most everyone learned to go to Lycos.com to find information and stuff on the internet. More importantly, it taught us about search itself.

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