Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shopping Mall -- Getting on the Bandwagon -- Ways to Change the World

Well, I did it. My curiosity has been niggling my subconscious ever since I heard of PowerMalls. When a friend listed a PowerMall as her website, I did it, I signed on. I called my shop Val's Place to Shop.

The system is intriguing. Built into the concept is a mechanism for giving to the charity or non-profit organization of your choice. There is even a set of free ebooks with lists of activities that all of us can do to make a difference in world issues and common causes.

Consider these titles:
101 Ways to Change the World
101 Ways to Change the Earth
101 Ways your School can Change the World
101 Ways to Support our Troops
101 Ways to Change the World for Animals

or get them all. Or watch the flash movie associated with each. (I call my photo Soaring High. It is a meme for my goals and dreams.)

If you are searching for bargains on-line, try shopping here. Or get your own PowerMall. It's about as close to free as it gets!

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