Monday, December 24, 2018

Read Standing Tall and Looking Good

The Book is Published

In the last post I said that I was editing a book. That book is now published to Amazon as an ebook.

You can get it by clicking on the image. Standing Tall and Looking Good is a memoir by R. Fred Zuker's years in the Army during 1968-1971. Zuker tells of  his days in basic combat training, attending classes for military intelligence and serving in South Korea during the Vietnam War.

His clipped, objective style echos the brief sentences of military communications, both in person and on forms. I relate because I grew up on Navy bases and have family members who served. As I read, I could feel the rhythm of cadences and the sense of getting the job done, no excuses, that I felt when growing up.

Zuker was a leader and a doer with skills that carried him through his academic career after Army life. He was also a history major, and uses his knowledge of history to relate to events in the book. You can read about Zuker here.

Yes, I edited the book, trying my best to maintain the voice of military speech that my veteran family members assured me was true. Coskrey Biz also published the book online. Wayne, the other half of Coskey Biz, did the photo processing and the cover art. The cover art is based on a sketch by Walt Johnson, a friend of Fred Zuker. Wayne and Walt Johnson share the copyright. Questions? Contact me.

We plan a Young Adult edition in the near future. We believe that ROTC and high school history classes will enoy reading the YA version. The original version contains the salty dialog of young military men, which will be removed for the YA version. The YA version should be, hopefully, published in January-February of 2019. with a slightly different title. Stay in touch for the publication announcement.