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Disclosure Clause: I am an affiliate advertiser of many merchants. I am also an opinionated critique of just about anything that strikes my fancy. In my postings I do tend to mention that a product would be good to try. Sometimes I am an affiliate for the product or a store that sells the product--even if I do not realize it and make the connection and post a product banner for it!--when I realize that I can advertise the product, I try to let you know that directly. However, if I do not, please take this statement that chances are I am an affiliate and could potentially be compensated for any mention of a goods or service. Also know that opinions expressed are my own and in no way express the positions of any merchant for which I advertise. 
Following the links to these merchants will set cookies on your computer. These cookies are benign and will allow me to be paid. 
Some of the merchants, like Amazon and Google, will use information from you to streamline their advertisement presentation and search algorithms. 
Your personal information is not shared with me, nor are your internet or shopping habits.  
I check out the links I post and only advertise for merchants that I trust.  However, some of the networks of merchants, including Google, might post an ad for a product that might not be appropriate for kids. The actual products and books that I post are OK for kids.
The science fiction that I reccommend are all appropriate for kids to read unless I say otherwise. Either myself or a trusted reader has screened all books that I post to sell or that I list or discuss. In the rare case that the book hasn't been screened, then the book is by an author I trust, unless I say otherwise. 
Other products are only researched online or through product literature unless I say that I have tried it.

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