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Look for events of interest to teachers, homeschoolers, students and science fiction fans interested in using science fiction to motivate students to read, especially the Read for the Future group. Send events to be added to (or use this email to add events yourself) newsletter@vforteachers.com.

As I explore the web I come across interesting events. The main calendar called Valerie's Memos lists the events that I want to share. As the calendar grows, I will make other calendars with categories of events and copy them from the main calendar. Use the down arrow to access different calendars. Use the Google buttons to subscribe to the Valerie's Memos calendar. Then save only the events that interest you to your own Google calendar.

With the Memos being used as a newsletter for Coskrey Biz, it is possible that events will be placed on the calendar. Students tutored might find their appointments coded there, but in such a way that obscures identities. It is a thought.

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