Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Crime Lab Project

What do tire treads, DNA strands and fingerprints have in common?

No, this time they are not the references to CSI, CSI Miami, or CSI New York. They are not even the reference to Bones or the Profiler. Nor are they a reference to the Science Channel or the History Channel or the Discovery Channel, although you can get great videos at . Or you can Shop at

This time these memes are the images used to frame the pages of the The Crime Lab Project website.

This project is was formed with a vision of updated local crime labs reflecting the abilities and technologies of the forensics departments depicted in TV and movies. The website says it so much better:

  • "What is the Crime Lab Project?

  • "A non-profit organization started by writers and producers, but now
  • including many members of the general public, the Crime Lab Project works to increase awareness of the problems facing public forensic science agencies. We seek greater support and resources for crime labs, coroner and medical examiners' offices, and other public agencies using forensic science. We also seek support for forensic science education and research.

  • "Anyone may join the Crime Lab Project."

Of course there are links to lots of information, including a link to a Federal law on forensics labs and newspaper clippings on the current state of forensics labs in financially strapped communities.

I stumbled across the link to this site on the webpage of Sandra Parshall, mystery writer.

I stumbled on her page when I was exploring the sff net site (while exploring rff links) which claims "SFF Net is home to the most interesting authors, publishers, media pros, and consumers of genre fiction today. What interests you?" More about that site another day.

No, that's not rff as in Resources for the Future, but rff as in Reading for the Future, whose new site is here.

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